Corporate Branding

Business Owners and Freelancers
A brand is only as good as its owner and guess what? Whether you own a business or help to operate one, you must learn to communicate your expertise in order to connect with your customers. After you develop a solid personal brand, you are prepared to become the face of your organization and position yourself as a thought leader in your industry. We provide you with resources and a self-promotion plan to do just that. You may be interested in a One-on-one Branding Brainstorm Consultation or complete the form below for an initial consultation.

Schools and Organizations
We stay current on the latest trends in hiring, social media and professional development and package them in a way that resonates with a millennial audience. Our founder, Emmelie De La Cruz speaks on topics such as job searching, proper use of social media, networking and personal branding. With research, strategies and best practices, prepare and empower your audience to take action and become competitive in the job market. Learn more about our personal branding presentations.